Defeating Sports Injuries Like The Pros

Injuries can be a serious problem for both professional athletes as well as for the everyday runner. The sports injury specialists at Harper Wellness and Rehab Center have the best and latest technologies in their rehabilitation facilities, such as cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, multiple electrical stimulation techniques, and surface EMG.

At Harper Wellness we use many different techniques for pain relief combining both old and new approaches, including faktr (functional and kinetic treatment with rehab), acupuncture, vibration plate therapy, as well as kinesio-taping.

Preventing sports injuries

A great number of sports injuries can be prevented by simply utilizing proper steps when working out and playing sports. (1) First, it is essential to warm up prior to exercise. A good warm up should last 10 – 20 minutes. Warming up raises your body temperature and increases flexibility which allows your muscles ready for exercise and less likely to be injured. (2) A second important way to prevent sports related injuries is by wearing proper protective gear. Different sports require different protective gear. Make sure to have the proper gear for each sport. (3) Another critical way to prevent injury is to stay hydrated! It is vital to drink lots of water, especially in the Houston heat. (4) And finally, don’t over do it. If you get injured, stop playing. Continuing to play with an injury will only make it worse and hurt you more in the long run.

If you do suffer an injury despite taking preventive measures what should you do? Call the specialists at Harper Wellness and Rehab Center. The Harper Wellness and Rehab staff specialize in sports medicine. They have the expertise and experience to determine what factors lead to the injury and what steps can help to prevent further injury in the future and, most importantly to formulate a plan to correct the injury by working with you to get you back to your peak performance as quickly as possible.

Experienced sports injury doctor

The Harper Wellness and Rehab staff is lead by Dr. Dana Harper who serves as a chief chiropractor for both the Houston Texans and the Houston Astros. With 25 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Dana Harper has a unique view on sports injury and medicine.

Harper Wellness has many different services from back pain to physical therapy and sports rehab, so whether you are a professional athlete or a backyard warrior, when you are injured trust the professionals at Harper Wellness and Rehab – where they treat every athlete like a sports star!