Back Pain

What is Back Pain?

Back Pain ReliefBack pain, or the clinical term “dorsalgia”, is pain felt in the back that originates from muscles, nerves, joints and bones in the spine.  Back pain can be chronic or sporadic and many sufferers report that it can spread from one place in the back and then move on to other extremities such as into the arms and hands as well as the feet.  The pain sensation can range from either a dull ache to extreme cases of sharp pain.

It is common among many people and has been recorded throughout history as a bothersome problem. 9 out of 10 adults have experienced back pain at least occasionally throughout their lifetime.

How to Treat Back Pain

It is strongly advised to consult with a professional chiropractor when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of back pain.  Coming to the Harper Wellness & Rehab Center is the right decision to make when it comes to accurately diagnosing your condition, your options, and the most appropriate procedure necessary to alleviate your consistent back pain.

Harper Wellness & Rehab Center for Fast Back Pain Relief

The back is known to be one of the most durable parts of the body, but with age and other factors such as work and occupation, the backs of many people have been known to be vulnerable to risk.  Everyday activities such as crouching down or even lifting groceries can be an ordeal if there has been sustained injury to the back.

At the Harper Wellness & Rehab Center, we strive to treat every patient’s back pain and we work towards the goal of restoring the patient’s ability to function in day-to-day activities and to offer relief from recurring pain.

Through rehabilitation, our center provides long-term back pain relief and we give our patients and clients the opportunity to address their back pain issues to change their lives for the better.

Consulting our center is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Our center has a reputation for excellence and has been commended by many patients as the formative first step towards managing their back pain through therapy.  We are cutting edge when it comes to the healthcare industry and we offer a variety of treatments through multiple disciplines in the healthcare field towards managing our patients’ back pain.

Contact us today for fast back pain relief!