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Get the best chiropractic care in Houston by scheduling an appointment at our center today. Dr. Dana Harper has been board certified as a Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. He has also been chiropractor for  the Houston Texans and currently team chiropractor for Houston Astros. Below are some of the methods utilized at our center. Contact our office today or use the form to the right to schedule an appointment.

Cold Laser Therapy – Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate and speed up the body’s natural healing of an affected area.

Ultrasound Therapy – Ultrasound therapy is a type of deep tissue therapy generated by sound waves. This helps decrease swelling, increase blood flow, and ultimately reduce pain and stiffness.

Electrical Stimulation– electrical stimulation is a type of therapy that sends low frequency electrical impulses into the tissues causing a variety of responses based on the type of electrical wave and frequency settings.  Therapeutic outcomes include:  increase circulation, decreased swelling, decrease pain, increased function, and decreased healing time.  Types of electrical therapy offered are:


High Volt

Muscle Stimulation


Combo (Ultrasound and High Volt)

Spinal Decompression– is a nonsurgical painless way of relieving back and neck pain. DTS gently stretches the spine to decompress the discs, taking pressure off of the nerve root; which will decrease pain in the affected area.

Kinesio Taping – Kinesio taping is a method of therapeutic taping that once applied resembles the texture and elasticity of living human tissue. This type of taping adds support and stability to the muscle and joints while not compromising the range of motion.  Kinesio tape can be worn for many days to extend it’s therapeutic effect.

X-ray – X-rays allow the doctors to visibly see the alignment of the spine and joints. X-rays are done right here in our clinic and can be processed the same day.

ATM – Active therapeutic movement treatment utilizes neuromuscular re-education. The ATM system applies gentle external force to stabilize the body. This pressure helps once painful movements to become pain free, helping to normalize muscle firing patterns, build muscle strength, and block pain patterns.

Activator Non-Force Chiropractic Technique – The activator is a chiropractic tool that delivers a quick, low force thrust to help move the vertebra into alignment.  This technique is perfect for patients who prefer not to be manually adjusted.

Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a technique that uses very thin needles to treat a large variety of conditions.   Harper Wellness has a lovely treatment room solely dedicated to it’s acupuncture patients.  Dr. Harper is the certified acupuncturist on staff.

Nutritional Consulting and Counseling – Nutrition is vitally important to whole body health.  Harper Wellness’s nutritional consulting and counseling can help patients receive cutting edge information to enable informed dietary and lifestyle choices. Custom, individual plans are constructed for the patient’s specific body and life style needs and desires.

Vibration Plate Therapy –while performing simple movements on a vibration plate the body uses over 100% more muscle fibers than other types of exercises.  Vibration plate therapy increases strength, improves circulation, improves balance, improves coordination and posture, and increases bone density.

Soft Tissue Techniques

Fascial Distortion Model – Manual treatment of soft tissue complaints.

Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (SASTM)

Deep Tissue Mobilization

Myofascial Release

Custom Made Orthodics

Functional Dry Needling – Treatment of pain-causing muscular trigger points using an acupuncture needle.