Neck Pain

What is neck pain?
Neck Pain Relief

Neck pain, or in clinical terminology “cervicalgia”, is a commonly reported problem among Americans with about two-thirds of the population having experienced it at one point in their lives.  It can also be caused by spinal problems. It can result from a tightness of the muscles in the upper back and neck, from nerves being pressurized in the cervical vertebrae, or joint disruption in the neck and upper back. As the neck is a fixture in the human body in constant motion throughout the duration of the day and with the average head weighing from 14 to 16 pounds, the neck is very prone to injury. Pain originating from the neck can spread to other extremities of the body through nerves in the vertebrae of the spinal cord, even to the arms. Because of the close association of the neck and upper back, our center is dedicated to addressing neck problems effectively through chiropractic care.  The muscles of the neck are in fact attached to the upper back and our doctors understand the nature of addressing neck pain at its source to stop it from recurring and for it to stop being an obstruction to the patient’s daily activities. The most common causes of neck pain include:

  • Stress
  • A Patient’s Posture While Sitting In Chairs
  • Minor Falls and Injuries Sustained On The Neck
  • Whiplash Sustained During Traffic Accidents Being A Prime Cause of Neck Pain
  • Overuse Or Strain On The Neck Due To Constant Motion
  • Disc Herniation

State Of The Art Treatment For Your Neck Pain

If you would like to seek therapy for your neck pain, our reputable doctors and staff will guide you through the therapy process to let you achieve comfort and the necessary treatment provided by our doctors will enable you to alleviate the stress that you may have sustained on your neck.

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