Stop Letting Neck Pain Be A Pain In The Neck

Neck pain, clinically referred to as cervicalgia, affects two-thirds of the population at some point during their lives. This is a huge percentage, and a seemingly unavoidable problem for most of us. Whether it’s brought on by our daily habits or the result of an injury or accident, like whiplash, there are ways to combat it that should be taken advantage of.

What causes neck pain

Because our decently-heavy heads are supported by the lower neck and upper back, it’s common for most neck pain to originate in the muscles and soft tissues, like ligaments and tendons, in these areas. Our necks are essentially separated into two sections. The top few joints are responsible for movement, and the lower do the supporting. Any effects to the latter are what usually result in the annoying, burning pain.

Underlying spinal problems and muscle tightness are often culprits as well, but there can be various explanations. Be it something as simple as stress or poor posture, to more serious conditions like a herniated disc or pinched nerve.

How to get rid of neck pain

A combination of chiropractic methods and exercise can be extremely beneficial to setting your neck straight. Mobilizing the joints and adjusting the spine have been known to lead to significant improvement.

If you find yourself consistently grabbing, rubbing, or cracking your neck, don’t prolong getting treatment. Painkillers may offer a temporary solution, but in order to correct the underlying issue schedule an appointment with us at Harper Wellness and Rehab Center! Our team of experts will zero in on the cause and offer the best possible options to relieve your pain. Call (713) 622-3456 today or contact us online as your first step to relief.