6 Electrical Stimulation Options To Manage Pain

Electrical stimulation uses pulses of electricity to penetrate tissue in an effort to promote healing, decrease pain and swelling, and increase function and blood flow. Effects are varied based on the type of device used, as the frequency and intensity can impact the body in different ways. Harper Wellness & Rehab Center offers patients multiple approaches to electrical stimulation so that no injury can go untreated.

Microcurrent — This form of electrical stimulation uses ultra low-level electrical currents to address muscle and nerve pain. Every type of tissue in our bodies contains a different electrical frequency, and that frequency is disrupted when an injury occurs. Microcurrent therapy restores these frequencies back to normal, which drastically improves function. Microcurrents also help increase cell energy, and in turn speeds up recovery by enhancing blood flow and decreasing inflammation.

Russian Stimulation — Russian stimulation is the only kind of electrical stimulation where the goal is to substantially contract the muscle. In some cases, this can be uncomfortable, but it’s a necessary step towards strengthening. By no means is this painful, and it’s not a continuous contraction either – it’s more like an on/off cycle for an extended period of time. This option is a great way to recover muscle strength immediately following an injury or surgery.

InterX — The InterX is an electrical stimulation device with a small screen that displays a number when applied to the skin. By essentially scanning the body, this number helps the therapist determine the best place to initiate therapy, then the device delivers specific stimulation. It may not always be directly over the pain, but the InterX device indicates where the focus should be for maximum healing.

Other methods include High Voltage, which uses waves of high-voltage pulses to help wounds heal quicker; Interferential, which includes two separate frequencies that “interfere” with nerves to reduce pain; and Combination Therapy that involves simultaneously applying a form of electrical stimulation with ultrasound to achieve an even greater effect on the injured area.

All of these variants of electrical stimulation therapy offer minimal to no side effects, and are generally pain-free. To find out if electrical stimulation is your best option for pain relief, or to schedule an appointment, call the Harper Wellness & Rehab Center at (713) 622-3456 or request your appointment online today!